Build, analyze, and manage.

Visualize your investment strategies and share with clients and prospects. Model Portfolios is a powerful and intuitive tool enabling comprehensive, in-depth analysis on all your model-based strategies.

  • Visualize the hypothetical past performance of a portfolio
  • Track and manage the model portfolios that comprise your investment strategy
  • Validate and monitor new investment ideas
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Automate your analysis & save time.

The YCharts Excel Add-In takes a powerful financial analysis tool to new heights. Automatically populate your models with current data, intuitive syntax and ongoing support from a dedicated in-house team, saving you hours per week.

  • Automatic data population
  • Bespoke templates for strategy comparison
  • Dedicated support engineers
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Put your secret formula to work.

The most powerful securities filtering tool on the market. The Stock Screener enables you to leverage your own investment philosophy to generate smarter ideas and construct better portfolios. Use Scoring Models to identify and weight the factors that matter most to you.

  • 20,000+ Securities
  • 4,500 quantitative and qualitative metrics
  • Custom Scoring Models
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Dive deep, but stay out of the weeds.

The Fund Screener narrows YCharts’ expansive fund universe to meet your strategy and goals. Available criteria include fund families, security-level exposures, allocations, and brokerage availability. Percentile filters enable identification of top funds in a given category.

  • Over 45,000 mutual funds, ETFs, and CEFs
  • Forward metrics based on analyst reports
  • Risk metrics, fund flows, and fee data
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Don't just tell, show.

While most charting tools on the market are limited to price, YCharts enables visualization of any metric, from alpha to z-score and everything in between. Set custom date ranges, overlay with economic indicators and indexes, and compare securities to let your analysis tell a story.

  • Equities, funds, and macroeconomic indicators
  • 4,000 line items and calculations
  • Custom branded with your logo
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Timing is everything.

When you buy can be equally as important as what you buy, and timing may separate profits and losses. Our Technical Charts tool enables the overlaying of price action with technical indicators and custom views to monitor your entries and exits.

  • 30 technical indicators
  • 20,000 equities and indices
  • Fully customizable
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A market update you actually want.

Construct tailored market updates with only the information you want and need. Rather than spending hours sifting through the news to find a closing price or expected dividend, Email Reports regularly send you the information you value in an intuitive, sharable format.

  • Choice of email frequency
  • Include all securities & indicators available on YCharts
  • 9 charts & table modules
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Comparative analysis has never been simpler.

Quickly construct comprehensive data tables for export. Choosing from over 4,000 stock metrics to compare a selection of companies’ current performance, implement your proprietary methodology by using Scoring Models to weight metrics and rank securities.

  • Summarize statistics across comp sets
  • Apply custom Scoring Models
  • Export data tables to Excel
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Better, faster historical analysis.

Rather than spending hours formatting data, let Timeseries Analysis do the work. Select your ideal metrics, reported on the frequency of your choosing, and export the data to power historical analysis or regression modeling.

  • Quickly aggregate entire data series
  • Create and apply custom metric sets
  • Analyze historical data trends from company financials
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